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New York Open Center
22 E 30th Street, NYC, NY    

Chinese Herbalism:    
Drew DiVittorio
NY Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition

Family Constellation:    
Suzi Tucker

Crystal Workshops:  
The Academy for Healing Arts

Essential Oils:    
David Crow

Dan Chesbro
The Sanctuary of the Beloved  

Reiki Sessions

Your sessions are uniquely guided just for you.  My intention in a session is to connect heart-to-heart and allow our higher wisdom to guide the session, both on and off the table.  This wisdom guides my questions and communication with you in the beginning of the session and it guides my hands once we move to the bodywork portion of the session.

What Happens in a Session:
Sessions begin by discovering what you want your session to support.  From this initial discussion, the intention of the session is determined, techniques are chosen, and the intuitive flow of soul energy is focused.

Note:  Spiritual healing and vibrational-based healing arts are always done with the client fully clothed.  Sessions do not replace medical treatment, prescriptions, or diagnoses from licensed health care providers.  There are no claims or guarantees of curing diseases.

Session Rates:  
Single Session Rates:  $200 (1.5 hr)
General Adult:  $200 (1.5 hr)
Reiki Program Student Discount:  $160 (1.5 hr)
Children Discount (<15):  $120/hr, accompanied by adult

Distance Healing: $60 per 20 minutes
Mentoring Rates (Person/Phone): $120/hr

To make an appointment, please email:  Joanna@reikirhapsody.com

Payment via Cash/Checks
There is a 48 hours cancellation policy.  100% payment due if cancelled within 48 hours from the scheduled session time.

Location - Montclair, NJ
Time - Weekends (9am til 4pm), weekdays are available for distance healing or phone mentoring.
When requesting dates and times, please provide me with few options in the event your 1st choice is not available.

Reiki Review (after above Reiki Circle)

For Reiki Practitioners only!

An open forum for all Reiki practitioners to practice and learn while receiving a mini-table session from each other.

Current Schedule:   See Calendar   
Time:  7:30 ~ 8:30pm
Location:  The NY Open Center

Registration via the New York Open Center (212) 219-2527  www.opencenter.org

Reiki Healing Circle

All are welcome!

Reiki is a system of natural healing that reduces stress while providing deep relaxation and greater well-being.  Reiki can help relieve pain, balance emotions, enhance mental clarity and creativity, and facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth.

Evening may include:  Meditation, Chair mini-session, Q&A
Current Schedule:    See Calendar
Time: 6:30 ~ 7:30pm
Location:  The NY Open Center
Registration via the New York Open Center   (212) 219-2527  www.opencenter.org
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