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The Twilight of Reiki  (TBD)

Like me, like you, we may have been drawn to the practice of Reiki believing that the light of Reiki can mysteriously erase our pain and suffering.  Yet as we reached for the light of Reiki, we realized that the light we yearned for also cast shadow.  Perhaps it is from the shadow that we see the light and learn to navigate in this plain field of light and shadow.  The one-day workshop will be an experiential workshop inviting students to be open hearted and open-minded to experience the light and shadow in our plain field.  There are no scripts for this class other than as we are.  [For Reiki Practitioners.]

Location:  New York City (tbd)
Cost: to be announced

Ordination with Rev. Dan Chesbro, Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Sanctuary of the Beloved & The Order of Melchizedek
Location:  New York Open Center, 22 E30th Street, NYC, NY
Time:  1:30pm-5:30pm
Workshop Fee:  $220

Ordination with Rev. Dan Chesbro is opened to everyone, Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners.  This is a private event.  Please email Joanna@reikirhapsody.com for Reservation.  Class size may be limited to 20+ registrants.  Full payment is due with reservation.  Our cancellation policy is 100% refund until one week to the event. No refunds thereafter.

Books by Rev. Dan Chesbro:
     The Order of Melchizedek (Jul 2012)
     The Gospel of Thomas (Mar 2013)

Check Payable:  Joanna Crespo, 41 Watchung Plaza, PMB 304, Montclair, NJ 07042
PayPal:  Please use email yuanjoanna44@yahoo.com.

Healing Ways for Cancer, Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reiki as healing ways for cancer offers people with cancer, their loved ones and caregivers the opportunity to live with more ease. One of the most profound challenges facing people with cancer is unexpressed mental, physical and emotional pain as well as fear of the unknown. For loved ones and caregivers, the hardest thing is standing by while their family member or patient suffers in silence. In this class, Reiki teacher and cancer survivor, Joanna Crespo will guide people dealing with cancer on any level through a series of tools, exercises and skills that will help you approach the illness more peacefully. It will help you interact with pain instead of hide from it. Through techniques like guided meditation, family constellation (or ancestral) resource exercises, chakra balancing, and gentle body dialogue, you become an active participant in the healing process.

New York Open Center Program Registration.

Reflections in My Field, Saturday, November 22, 2014

​Our Field is a knowing field.  What are the sounds and images in our Field?  Who stands in our Field?  What if your interest can take shape and sound-out its teachings to you?  What would it said?  The theme of this workshop was inspired by my last workshop on the "Healing Ways for Cancer".  Life and Death took the floor, and Cancer gave its voice relevant to each class participant.  

Our Field is a moving field.  How much are we opened to new possibilities in our life?  My late Reiki teacher once said outside the ‘field of probability’, there is also a ‘field of possibility’ around us.  What if by excavating the field, we can increase the probability for new possibilities?  Come to this workshop with open mind and open questions and see what we may receive from our Field.

Location:    Reflections Center for Yoga, 227 East 24th Street, NYC, NY 10010
Time:  10am-5pm
Cost:  $95  [Cash, Check, or PayPal to yuanjoanna44@yahoo.com]

Reiki 4 Teacher Training

A 140-hour Certification Program:

Pre-requisite:  Reiki 3 Program students
Class Size:  Limited
Starts:  On-going Enrollment

  • Teaching Principles and Techniques
  • Purpose and Objectives
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal Teaching Philosophies
  • Program Mentoring

Teaching Practicum:  Eight Weekends of Teaching/Assisting
Outside Practicum and Assignments Required for Certification.
Tuition & Location:  Provided Upon Request

Reiki 4 is a Private Event.  For information, please email Joanna@reikirhapsody.com.

Reiki 3 (Advance Reiki)

A 100-hour Certification Program:

Reiki 3 Program aims to provide the students with structural training and supportive mentoring. The program is divided into four modules following the teaching of the four western Reiki symbols. These four modules are to be taken in the stated sequence.

Program Modules (60 hours):

  • Japanese Healing Techniques
  • Chakras and Mind-Body Symbolism
  • Clinics and Supervision
  • Attunement

Certification Requirement (40 hours):  Outside practicum required for Reiki 3 Certification.

Current Schedule: See Calendar
Tuition:  $1,540 ($1,400 full payment)
Pre-requisite:  Reiki 2 from all lineages
To register:
New York Open Center
22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016
Register for both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 at the NY Open Center: $650

CEUs:  Please check with your own professional licensing board to determine whether the accreditations listed are accepted.  Although the Open Center does not issue CEUs, the Open Center will furnish the appropriate Certificate of Attendance if requested by you for a small fee.

Cancellation Policy:
Refer to the New York Open Center for their cancellation policy.

Reiki 2

Deepen and expand your Reiki journey with:

  • 3 western Reiki symbols
  • 3 mantras
  • Chanting and spiritual centering practice
  • Absentee healing techniques
  • Receive 3 Attunements (reiju)
  • Guided-imagery meditations
  • Basic table protocol

Learn how to focus and transmit rei-ki energy to non-physical levels through space and time, and experience an even deeper exploration of spiritual healing.

Current Schedule: See Calendar
Tuition: $350
Prerequisite:  Reiki 1 from all lineages
To register:
New York Open Center
22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016
Reiki 1

Begin your Reiki journey with:

  • Daily self-care treatment
  • Spiritual centering practice
  • Receive 4 Attunements (reiju)
  • History of the Reiki System
  • Reiki living principles (gokai)
  • Guided-imagery meditations
  • Basic chair protocol

In this two-day course you will learn practical ways of
incorporating and integrating the Reiki System into your life.

Current Schedule: See Calendar
Tuition:  $350
To register:
New York Open Center
22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016


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